Jennyvi Dizon of Jennyvi New York


"I was always fascinated by the way clothing could change someone's mood instantaneously."

About Jennyvi Dizon


Clothing to me has always been a way to express myself, especially since I was naturally a shy and quiet child.  I loved how I could put on a dress and let the clothes speak for themselves.  I would put on clothing so I could communicate to the world without having to say one single word.

I was always fascinated by the way clothing could change someone's mood instantaneously.  When I was a child, my ice breaker was when someone complimented me on my clothes and even now as an adult fashion is still my go to conversation. I love putting on a new dress and instantly feel more confident, more successful or just give off the image that I had everything I need to feel like me without having to talk much.

My father was similar in so many ways since English was his second language coming from the Philippines.  My dad would make friends by offering his services as a tailor to his co-workers when he worked as a computer programmer. I grew up watching my father come home from work and sew the most beautiful garments in his spare time.  I was amazed he was able to take a flat piece of fabric and give it life while supporting his family and being a father.  That has stayed with me for my entire life.

I remember the dedication my dad had for his craft early in my own my career in accounting.  I too was coming home from work to sew, but the difference was that my dad was working on suits and I was sewing custom wedding gowns.

Throughout changing careers, lifestyles, and this journey of life, I understand what it feels like to want something so much that you would give anything to follow your heart.  I've learned so much that I realized many people have similar experiences.  I've met people just like me who realized their personal identities were closely tied to the work they do and the careers they chose. 

My hope is when you see my clothes, you know my designs are a part of me and who I am.  That I created Jennyvi New York from juggling careers and loving what I do.  So when you see these clothes I designed or made myself, you know how much love and dedication went into each piece.