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Taking Pre-Orders For the Paris Pashmina Dresses

Last summer when I visited Europe for the first time as an adult, I brought back Pashminas and at the time I bought them I didn't know what to do with them.  I just knew I wanted a souvenir from a trip I will never forget.  Instead of getting just one Pashmina I got a 7 of them in black, burgundy, and sapphire blue.

Weeks after my trip, I was reminiscing how my team ate a Michelin rated French restaurant, how good the beer was in Brussels and how we even celebrated the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle while we were in London.  I was definitely "homesick." I say "homesick," because the moment I arrived in France I knew my next dream was to live in Paris.

Longing to do something, while my next dream is waiting to be fulfilled I remembered my Pashmina souvenirs and decided to make a dress.  When I started working on the Paris Pashmina dress for me, I was instantly taken back and new hopes were flooding in as I was sewing.  Each minute, I felt more and more connected to my future in France.  All of this came at the right time since, I fulfilled my dream of living in NYC, I needed that extra push to work harder towards a bigger goal.

After I finished my first Paris Pashmina dress and posted it on my instagram (@jennyvinyc), I started getting private messages of other women wanting one.  I ran out of the Pashminas I brought home within 2 weeks after I made my own.  Now that I'm returning to Paris, I am now taking pre-orders to see how many I should return home with.

If you're interested, email me at jennyvi@jennyvi.com or click here to pre-order.Jennyvi New York Paris Pashmina Dress

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