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Recap of the Redesigning the Regency for the Runway Presentation

Recap of the Redesigning the Regency for the Runway Presentation

Thank you to everyone who attended the Redesigning the Regency for the Runway Zoom event, big thank you to Jane Boltz and the JASNA (Jane Austen Society of North America) Southwest Region crew. I was honored to be asked to go in depth about my creative process and give a few sneak peeks into the new Jane Austen collection that will debut on September 10th, 2022 during New York Fashion Week.

I must admit, I had not given a presentation of any kind since my college days, which was close to two decades ago. It's funny, but I wasn't nervous before the presentation, but as soon as I saw how many people were watching my hands started to shake and my voice as well. I'm not sure if I will be brave enough to re-watch the video once it's on the JASNA Southwest Youtube channel, but I'll happily share the link once it is available.

For those who are interested in what I presented and what I conveyed (or tried to convey), stay tuned to the blog, subscribe at janeaustencouture.com or email me at jennyvi@jennyvinewyork.com.

For those who attended the Zoom event and asked for the pictures from my 2 photo shoots from Paris and Versailles (for my cashmere collection) here they are below or you can view the behind the scenes video https://youtu.be/BQ9ZjjNigQ8 -  Photography by Monika Wasko.

Featuring The Construction Of The Emma Gown

Featuring The Construction Of The Emma Gown

The most time consuming part about the dress was all the hours I put into the handwork. From pinning the beading into place, to sewing them to the dress, readjusting the beading, and all the thread knotting, was probably a week on it's own.

I think from the family photo of real life matchmaker Cristina (Conti) Pineda and her family, she is pretty happy with the results.

My Regency Recap of 2021

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Hail to Mama President

Liz Philosophos Cooper, President of JASNA
This is my salute to "Mama President" Liz Philosophos Cooper, President of the Jane Austen Society of North America who made me feel like my own mom was with me in Chicago this past week for the Annual General Meeting

Creatively Connecting with Jane Austen

JASNA member Becky Dolin in a Jennyvi Regency Gown
With the help of Jane Austen and fellow Janeites, I am happy to say that the creative beast has been busy sewing for the JASNA AGM (Jane Austen Society of North America Annual General Meeting). After joining JASNA in July, I received a very warm welcome from several members and so I started my journey in "Redesigning the Regency." A fun side project that combines my love of fashion history, Jane Austen and seeing my work alive in the world.