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Dear Jane: Thank You For Inspiring Me

Dear Jane Series by Jennyvi New York

Throughout my life, I've been avid about writing my thoughts down in a journal or a word doc. This year, I want to try something new and maybe just blog it out as if I were corresponding with the incredible Jane Austen. So here is what I would write to her.

Dear Ms. Jane Austen,

A Collection Designed From My Heart

A Collection Designed From My Heart
Looking back at all the things I've loved in my lifetime, it was making things first, sketching second and when I learned to read it was being abso...

Creatively Connecting with Jane Austen

JASNA member Becky Dolin in a Jennyvi Regency Gown
With the help of Jane Austen and fellow Janeites, I am happy to say that the creative beast has been busy sewing for the JASNA AGM (Jane Austen Society of North America Annual General Meeting). After joining JASNA in July, I received a very warm welcome from several members and so I started my journey in "Redesigning the Regency." A fun side project that combines my love of fashion history, Jane Austen and seeing my work alive in the world.

A Meaningful Throwback and the Paris Dream

A Meaningful Throwback and the Paris Dream
Hopefully, I can fulfill this dream by next summer, but I know that all great things are built with a good foundation and for me it's always quality over quickness.  I'll be sure to update my goal status frequently.  Will you make me accountable and email me (jennyvi@jennyvi.com) occasionally?