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Sewing with Pride and Purpose

When I moved to NYC over 8 years ago it was only supposed to be for the summer while a friend of mine was photographing the Paris Fashion Week shows. I didn't realize that moving would have resulted in a long-distance relationship with my husband that lasted 2 years. At the time, many people thought the move was "unorthodox." I suppose I was taking a stance much like Elizabeth Bennet was when she refused to submit to Lady Catherine's request not to enter into an engagement with Mr. Darcy.

I am after all a "headstrong, obstinate girl" and I had a dream that I had to fulfill in fashion. If I had not sacrificed the safety of living comfortably in Arizona, I would not had the wealth of knowledge I gained in NYC. I've had so many dreams come true these past 8 years and although I'm happy, I'm ready to work on my next set of dreams.

One of my dreams is that my husband will finally read one of Jane Austen's novels, but after 20 years it still hasn't come into fruition. So, the next best thing is that I tell a story with the gowns I create and educate him with the research I've done behind each piece. I'm happy to say that with the first collection I've made in 2021 inspired by some of Jane Austen's characters has made a slight impact towards that dream. And maybe, it will peak an interest in others as well.

This year, I have many Jane Austen goals to fulfill and the Pride and Purpose Project is the first on my long list. As a resolution, I will blog regularly about each gown I make, I will share the research behind each piece and I will hope the story I want to tell comes through with each creation.

Stay tuned! I have a lot of work ahead of me for my New York Fashion Week show that was rescheduled to September 10th, 2022.

Below is a sneak peek of my Jane 2.0 gown (click on link to read blog about Jane 2.0).

Introducing the Pride and Purpose Project by Jennyvi with the Jane2.0 gown inspired by Jane Austen.

Introducing the Pride and Purpose Project by Jennyvi with the Jane2.0 gown inspired by Jane Austen's blue dress.


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