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Remembering My Why

Jennyvi Dizon featured in the Arizona Republic
On Facebook, I was recently reminded of an article that I was interviewed for about choosing a career that I love. It hadn't crossed my mind, but leave it to social media to help jog your memory. So why did I choose fashion as my career? Why did I work so hard to move to New York after building a custom bridal gown business in Arizona? 
I chose to be a fashion designer, because designing and sewing just came natural to me. Everywhere I went I would look at people's clothes and imagined them in my own designs. When I started sewing for my mother's friends at age 10, I realized that there was always going to be a market for custom made clothes. We are all different and it's better to wear something that suits your preferences versus settling.
The book I recently read How I Saved a Planet, by Stephen Quatro reminded me of what led me to New York. One visit to NYC was all it took to inspire me and my husband to relocated. It was my chance to see what I was capable of and I am still here working hard at my fashion dreams, as well as my new career as a screenwriter.
Below is the book How I Saved a Planet by Stephen Quatro and a description. I thoroughly enjoyed this book for many reasons. First, it made me remember that whether you have your whole life planned, go with the flow, or dread going back to where you came from that the unexpected can happen at any time. Second, that with the right frame of mind you can go from feeling lost and frustrated to realizing where you need to be. Last but not least, because I don't want to give away too much is that it's always important to keep exploring.
I can loan out the digital copy I have to one lucky person for 14 days. Just email me at and I can do that for you (first come first serve).
How I Saved a Planet by Stephen Quatro

Grab your space boots, buckle up, and join me in a wacky, out-of-this-world journey you’ll never forget!

After finishing freshman year at college and returning to my depressingly tiny hometown at the butt-end of nowhere, all I’m expecting is a summer full of boredom. I’m certainly not anticipating an alien to show up in my bedroom and ask me to help save his planet.

When Qarl the blue alien (
not Carl, he hates that) demands my assistance, it’s clear an adventure is in store. His planet is in danger of being destroyed by the Great Leaders, Asdf and Jkl, and it’s up to me to travel to their lair and convince them otherwise.

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