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Mr. Malcolm's List Preview Event Recap

Mr. Malcolm's List Preview Event Recap
First, I have to thank fellow JASNA member and playwright Sarah Rose Kearns for the invite. It's because of her several of us enjoyed a spectacular evening. Every one of us enjoyed a night full of meeting new friends, catching up with old ones and oh yeah seeing the cast of Mr. Malcolm's List in person. It was definitely a night to remember, not only for the ambiance but for the inspiration. 
Mr. Malcolm's List cast at the DGA New York Theater
(From left to right Freida Pinto, Zawe Ashton, Sianad Gregory, Emma Holly Jones, Divian Ladwa, Theo James, Sope Dirisu)
Sarah Rose Kearns of The Holy Theatre and Jennyvi Dizon
(Sarah Rose Kearns and me)
As I work on my Jane Austen inspired collection and screenplay, I'm reminded that I need movies like this one to help motivate me. Like many others, I turn to the film industry to teach me big or small life lessons.  
Mr. Malcom's List
I realized that I've been as inflexible with my lists and goals like Mr. Malcolm's has with his for possible brides. I tell myself I can do this all alone and I don't need help from anyone, not realizing that the most successful people had a whole team behind them. When Emma Holly Jones spoke about directing the film and making the movie in 27 days, something went off in my brain. I sat there sitting in the audience thinking that I'm quick to offer my help for others, but rarely ask it for myself. Emma stood in front of us to thank people by name and also to let us all know that if she had read every name that supported Mr. Malcolm's List, we would be there all night. At that moment, I decided I too wanted a list of supportive team members that I would love to publicly thank instead of my list of all the things I think I can do myself. 
Emma Holly Jones
I don't want to do a full movie review, there is absolutely no need to spoil anyone's experience. For me, walking into a theater like the DGA New York with 7 other Janeites full of excitement watching a movie before it hit theaters was enough. I'm hoping that other people bring a group of friends to watch Mr. Malcolm's List like we did. Actually, what we had  was a pre-party at a nearby hotel close enough to walk to the theater in our Regency attire, watched the movie and all grabbed something to eat afterwards.

Mr. Malcolm's List Preview Event

(Spotted in the crowd Theo James and Freida Pinto)

Black Jane Austen Cut Out Dress
(Available on janeaustencouture.com)

After seeing Sianad Gregory in her cut out dress, it made me feel validated for designing this dress with the Jane Austen Silhouette. I know it might be a little too modern for some Janeites, but I wanted to design a collection that tells people that Jane Austen can be infused in your daily wardrobe. Much like the Nike logo can signify that someone may be a shoe aficionado, I want her silhouette to be worn to remind us of how much we belong to a great community of readers.

Sianad Gregory Tweet


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