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Manifesting My Dreams Without My Mom

When my mom died in 2019, it felt like my world collapsed and the dreams I had died along with her. My creativity was lost and I felt like I didn't have the motivation to move on with my fashion dreams. Most of my dreams were tied to my mom and becoming wealthy enough to buy her a house complete with the best nursing staff money can buy. Sadly, none of it came true and I was left with figuring out if all the hard work I poured into a business was worth continuing.

Three years later, I'm finally moving forward away from the fog and decided to manifest my dreams for myself. As a people pleaser, I'm more motivated to do the work when other people are involved. There is a sense of accountability and I dread letting other people down. So, I hope you'll help me keep on track and don't let me fall again.

Below are my new goals.

1.) Finish building the Jane Austen Couture website.

2.) Rewrite my screenplay Jane Damage and make it into a movie.

3.) Open up the Jane Austen Couture clothing store, library and performance studio.

Jennyvi in Jane Austen Couture at the New York Public Library

Thank you to my friend Lindsay Allison for taking this photo at the New York Public Library and inspiring this blog. It's amazing how one person can make a difference in someone's life and one day can make someone feel like they can move mountains.

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  • You are doing it!!!


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