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Jennyvi In Paris Photo Shoot Is Now On Youtube

I discovered Ora the Molecule last year after KEXP's dj Troy Nelson played "Die To Be A Butterfly." The song reminded me of how every butterfly I see reminds me of people I've known who have passed, including my mother. After a few NYC walks and seeing butterflies, I thought it was a sign to buy the album on Bandcamp. Let's just say Ora the Molecule is fueling all of my creative projects and my 2 fashion collections to debut during New York Fashion Week on September 10th, 2022.

Personally, I was drawn to "Creator," because I was creatively lost when my mom died. It seemed like everything I worked on wasn't the same. It felt like a part of my creative process died along with my mom. The dreams I had when my mom was alive were no longer relevant because she wouldn't see the results.

In the video, I featured footage of my Paris photo shoot which is the last one before my mom passed away. She died a week after I got back to NYC. This video is long overdue because when I was grieving I found it hard to make anything. Ora The Molecule has helped me realize that there is still a "Creator" in me and I have to keep moving forward.

Special thanks to my photographer Monika Wasko who flew out from Poland to photograph my cashmere samples and being my travel buddy.

Photographer, Christian Helgi Beaussier for your creative direction and help with navigating the Paris streets.

Model / Artist Adeline for being able to show off the collection.

Information on Ora The Molecule: Watch the video for "Creator" here: Human Safari on orange crush transparent vinyl, CD, and digital platforms here: All physical editions come with a one-of-a-kind Polaroid photo with doodle done by Nora Schjelderup.​​​​​

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