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Featuring Jane Austen's Novel Emma For February

For the month of February, I will be taking characters from Jane Austen's Emma and bringing their wardrobe to life. Creating dresses based from the personalities of Emma, Harriett and even Mrs. Elton. Stay tuned as we create some fun stylized versions of my gowns, like this movie poster from the 2020 version of Emma.

Below you can see actress Tanya Reynolds in the wedding gown I made for Miss Augusta Hawkins. When she became Mrs. Elton, she had some opinions on Emma's wedding and this sparked some ideas I had about what she would have worn on her own wedding.

Emma Movie Poster with Augusta Gown
The Augusta wedding gown has layers of silk satin and layers of Ostrich feathers. I individually cut over 100 feathers and spent hours sewing them in the dress.
Mrs. Elton Emma Wedding Quote
Below is the original Emma movie poster with Tanya Reynolds in Autumn de Wilde's film.
Tanya Reynolds in the Emma movie poster.

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