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Debuting Our 100% Cashmere Print Scarves

We're happy to introduce our newest print scarves created from a painting I did for my husband the year we were engaged in 2002.  This painting is meaningful to us, because it was one of our first journeys in our budding relationship.  When I painted it, we moved to Colorado from Arizona to help my then boyfriend (now husband) fulfill a dream of working in baseball.  We had been dating for about a year and I was homesick having moved out of state for the very first time.

This painting is my husband's favorite painting and mine as well because he calls me his "Crane Wife."  If you listen to the band The Decemberists, you will know that there is a song titled "The Crane Wife."  If you're curious about the song, just click on the link.  Since this painting means so much in my life, my team decided to make 2 prints out of it.  One called "Flying Home" and the other called "Love Birds."

The "Flying Home" print is a multitude of cranes flying around and it represents me having flown from home, flying to my new home and flying home once again.  When we were engaged, we decided to move back to Arizona and start our lives in the state where we spent the majority of our lives.  Now that we live in NYC, the Flying Home oil painting has settled well for now.  If you've read my other blogs, you might have read that I plan to live in Paris.

The "Love Birds" print depicts two cranes surrounding a heart shaped wreath of flowers and represents the love between two souls.  My husband and I have been together for over 18 years and in this print, I hope that it will inspire love to anyone who wears it.  I've been very lucky to find love and I hope the same for anyone who is looking for it, whether that be love for another person or love in their art.

If you are wanting your own scarf, you can pre-order them (click on these links "Flying Home Scarf" or "Love Birds Scarf" or the pictures).  If you have any questions, please email me at





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