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Dear Jane: Thank You For Inspiring Me

Throughout my life, I've been avid about writing my thoughts down in a journal or a word doc. I started writing in a diary when I was about 6 or 7 years old, which would make sense since I started sewing around that time. I've kept most of my journals, scribbles and random pieces of paper, but in this digital world it makes sense to save the trees.

This year, I want to try something new and maybe just blog it out as if I were corresponding with the incredible Jane Austen. So here is what I would write to her today.

Dear Ms. Jane Austen,

Firstly, I would like to thank you for your writing. Whether you know it or not you have inspired millions of people around the world with your words and your stories. Secondly, thank you for just being you. Being a female writer during your time wasn't an easy feat and you were not properly recognized while you were alive. Thirdly, thank you for inspiring me to pursue my new interest in creating a collection based on your characters from your juvenilia to your 6 published novels and some of your unfinished work like the Watsons or Sanditon. It reminds me that we all started somewhere and we will continue to be better, especially if we build up the muscle memory.

Right now, I'm letting my fear and insecurity get the best of me. Thinking that my collection may not be received well or the different industries connected within the Jane Austen community may not understand the fashion perspective I am coming from. I guess, I just have to summon up my inner you and just tell the story I'm trying to convey through clothing.

With ardent love and respect towards you,

Jennyvi Dizon

P.S Below is a mood board I created inspired by you and the Jane 2.0 dress I made inspired by the blue dress depicted in the James Andrews 1870 portrait.

Jane Austen mood board by Jennyvi New York with the Jane Austen 2.0 dress1870 Jane Austen Portrait

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