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A Meaningful Throwback and the Paris Dream

(This was me when I was 15 years old and started sew evening gowns)

Earlier this week on my personal blog I wrote about comparisons to your old self and how we should forgive ourselves for not being high school skinny through adulthood.  Today, I reflect on all the things I had wanted to do when I was in high school and how there are still things left on my list that I have yet to fulfill.

This reflection happened when I found the photo above and how I started my business in high school sewing prom dresses for my friends.  When I looked at the photo, I remembered exactly why I made this dress for myself and it was because I was attending the Filipino Independence Day Celebration.

I also remembered how much I wanted to be a designer after high school was over not knowing that I already was.  Last night must have been an epic throwback because I told my husband that "I can honestly say that if I died tomorrow that I would feel okay with what I've already accomplished." Then this morning, I woke up thinking "okay" isn't good enough for me and I am now working on a new set of dreams. 

So, what's first on the list?  In less than 3 weeks I find myself in London and Paris again.  My new dream is to live in France for the summer, visit London and all the places Jane Austen wrote about, then return to NYC for the rest of the time.  

When I was 4, my family and I visited Paris and London for the first time, so growing up I always wanted to go back.  I went back last May after 33 years and when I went back, I just knew I had so much more to see.  My team was in Europe for a week and we flew into Paris, spent a night in Defense, spent a night in Versailles, spent a night in Brussels, spent a night in London and were there the day Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got married and then finished off the trip with two nights in Paris. 

With all the hotel hopping we did, we only got a small taste and so a year later, I'm back with my photographer and ready to shoot my new cashmere collection.  I'm also hoping to connect with stores and have this trip be the start of really growing my business to the next level.  I know my plans require a lot of situations to come true and hopefully, I can connect with the right people to make living in France a reality soon.

Hopefully, I can fulfill this dream by next summer, but I know that all great things are built with a good foundation and for me it's always quality over quickness.  I'll be sure to update my goal status frequently.  Will you make me accountable and email me ( occasionally? 


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