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A Collection Designed From My Heart

Looking back at all the things I've loved in my lifetime, it was making things first, sketching second and when I learned to read it was being absorbed in a good story. I started developing my sewing skills at the age of 5, creating designs for my dolls. The sketching became part of the process to draw the fashion story building inside of my mind as I made up plot lines for my dolls,

Mainly, when any one of my Barbies needed a new dress for any occasion and they just couldn't find anything that was when I decided to make something. I made things to match each of my dolls personality and expressed their sense of self. I knew each doll very well and so I would try to style them in something that fit my playtime needs. 

It's no wonder when I started making wedding gowns for my brides, I wanted to get to know them. When I became friends with my clients, it made it easier to design. It seems like I carried my childhood playtime habits into adulthood, knowing my heart works in tandem with my mind. And together both enjoy a good story to make a dress to.

This is why I'm so excited to debut my designs during Fashion Week in February. I haven't created a good fashion story in quite some time and much like a good book, the story continues. These past few years I often thought that my life in bridal was coming to an end, but when I re-frame where my fashion career is going that's not the case at all. I just needed my love for books and Jane Austen to guide me.



I hope you will come join me in this new adventure with my Jane Austen Collection. I will be posting the process on instagram @jennyvinyc facebook @jennyvinyc twitter @jennyvi tiktok @jennyvinyc

Jane Austen Collection by Jennyvi New York Fashion Week Show February 2022

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